Why Signing A Prenups Agreement Before Marriage Is Crucial For Woman Financial Independence?

Women are going nowhere if they don't sign a prenuptials agreement that specifically remove husband's RIGHT to prevent her from doing business, etc. The same will apply with the "Systemic Racism" over Black People. I married my 1st husband I was 23, he was 26, in Africa and I REQUESTED & SIGNED a prenup. I married my second husband in France at 39 he was 46 , I requested and signed a prenup clarifying, not from what I will eventually gain from him, instead about what he won't stop me from achieving. Men are very self-centered, so should women especially in the business word. If as a woman, you are not able to have your head and your future husband's head on the same pillow and discuss about your financial future, there is problem. We women ARE SO LUCKY because man's heart is CLOSE to his wallet! 😘 👩 Come back later for the full story!

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