At the middle of a global pandemic, US entrepreneurs managed to strengthening their leadership of most wealthy person in the world. Yes, Americans are very smart. Yes, Americans are #genius. Well there are very talented people like #ElonMusk , #BillGates etc.. around the world. It's just what it is. People often asked me, "Lydie, why a millionaire in her/his country will spend hundreds or millions dollars to come to the US as an E2 or EB5 Investor Visa?" . There are many answers.

1- The American Dream Happens Only Here In The United States Of America

There are many countries older than the US. The US was founded by Europeans and Africans who were against the domination of the European aristocracy, even though, still today in 2021, African-Americans have not been listed yet among the "Founder Fathers" of the USA. The USA is the only country in the world that claims AND allows any person, to go from "nothing" to becoming President of the United States Of America , or billionaire, including first generation immigrants

2- The US Taxation System Is Made So Attractive That Wealthy Americans Do Not Move Their Wealth In Another Other Country

Today in 2021, as you see from the above image, Mainland China has 16 years+ in waiting list for EB5 Investors (also called EB5 backlog).

Basically, the USCIS allows 700 EB5 investors per year AND per country. Whenever your country reaches 700 applicants (petitioners), you fall into the list of the next year. Chinese millionaires are ready to wait for over 16 years for the US green card that will lead them and their families to the US citizenship. Why? Because they understood the benefits of the US green card holder as an Investor.

I remember, decades ago, some wealthy Americans bought many castles in France. Europeans' castles were the hot thing to own. OMG! France killed them with high taxation that they sold almost all of them.

3- Access To Over 350 Million New US Customers

Almost all E2 and EB5 Investors Visa are successful entrepreneurs in their country of citizenship. The UK, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, etc.. have their own residency by investment programs. Ironically, in some cases, the investment amount required is higher than the US. The E2 and the EB5 allow you the foreign investor, to do business within the 50 US states without any exception. This is a new market to grow your business success. If for example #ElonMusk has stayed in Canada or in South Africa, he would have never become the richest man in the world. Even myself Lydie Livolsi, if I stayed in France, I wouldn't be here selling E2 and EB5 Investors Visa. I am an early age African orphan (my beloved dad left the house when I went to first grade for hospital because he was sick. His casket came back home when I was in fifth grade. Because my mom stayed by his side for all that time, I grew up without parents at home), who is selling $1,800,000 USD EB5 Investor Visa in the USA. It happens only here in the US. I am a US accredited investor which gives me the legal right for example to invest in early stage companies and build up long lasting wealth for my family.

4- The USA Is The Leading Democracy In The World

The 2020 US presidential elections had showed to the world that, despite all circumstances, this country is a country where democracy is always in its improvement. This kneeling of US Democratic Congress Women & Men, each of them wearing a scarf with the flag of an African country, alone, tells you how America Cares About DEMOCRACY.

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