One Of The #Best Decisions Of My Life. Today, I am grateful to my Lawyers, my siblings and my son

You can imagine what it means to me, this little African orphan, who managed against all odds to move from Paris to Los Angeles as a French Investor, being on the same magazine cover with these American Legends! Only here in the United States of America, this can happen! OMG! I LOVE this country! I came from a very special place and I currently live in a very special place! I'm so blessed!!!

I am a Proud Bamileke Woman

My dad had predicted that one of his daughter will be #Famous. We (I personally) always thought that my dentist sister was the one, until, one day, on the phone with her, while I was in Paris, in front of my Dental business that I named with my dad's name, she told me, "You are the famous daughter, that dad envisioned". I was like, "WHAT"? She said "YES, you are". Later, when I just moved to the US, while I was on the phone with my mom, I told her how sorry I am from moving so far from her. I told her that I hope she is not mad at me. She responded "I am so proud of you. You are doing EXACTLY what your wanted you to do. I want you to know that he is very proud of you. I am very happy to know that you are in the USA. You brought your brother with lungs cancer with you and you are taking care of him alone with my little gran son Eliott, I am ever so grateful for what you are doing..." I was so excitedly moved that that, with my brother Modeste, we started secretly to plan to make her come visiting us AND the Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and the entire US the next summer before she died. Few weeks later, she peacefully died during her nap!!! My brother who had just been announced that he his cancer free by the USC, and I were devastated. I did not fly home for our mom funerals, because even though Modeste was cancer free, he still needed to stay here in the US for medical surveillance.

Roosevelt Elementary School: 2008 Back to school picnic.

My brother, our oldest brother Papa Jean and I are Entrepreneurs like our dad. Modeste after quitting working for the Cameroonian government (a job he got right from University), he decided to start his own company in the Insurance industry, under African Billionaire Aliko Dangote umbrella. After his chemo, he already saw that America was the land of opportunities. He had few business ideas. We were having great conversation around it and amazing strategies. Basically, our regular weekdays looked like as follow: together, we dropped off my son Eliott at Roosevelt Elementary School in Santa Monica in the morning. Then, I dropped him off at the USC in downtown Los Angeles, and direct to my newly established business also in downtown LA, 10 minutes walking distance from the Los Angeles City Hall. After his chemo, he took the bus and joined me to my office. We closed at 5PM and drove fast making sure that we picked up Eliott at the paid after school before program before 6pm. Any late child pickup was charged back then $1 per minute! Then, we headed back home on 4th and Broadway. I cooked delicious African diner for him and me and French one for my son (my son likes some African dishes as well). On Saturday, I dropped him and my son at the soccer practice with the AYSO. Drove to downtown LA and opened my business. Around 1PM, I closed my business, drove back to Santa Monica picked them up…It was really so nice. We reserved Sundays for free discovery. I drove all around Los Angeles and Orange counties. He was a daughter’s daddy because he has 3 daughters that he loved and cherished so much! They were all Tennis players in Cameroon. Back then, his second daughter was in Senegal in an International Tennis School, where she was, I believe N0 7 in African Women Tennis Association within her age category…He was their dad coach as well. During his chemo, he always asked “Lydie can you give me a ride to Compton, the city where Serena Williams and Venus Williams grew up. I want to go there to feel and breathe their energy, including their dad’s energy as well”. I always responded to him that I am afraid to drive to Compton, because I heard that it is not safe etc. Long story short, I never did it. Do I have a regret? No. Because I was in #FEAR.

My 2008 Birthday on 4th Street, Santa Monica

Christmas 2008 in Beverly Hills with Eddy & Eliott

Around March 27th, 2009, I went to pick him up at the USC because, when I dropped him off in the morning for his “Maintenance chemo”, I realized that he was weak. On our way back to my office, he told me “I want to tell you something. Please, be strong, do not cry”. I said “Okay”. He continued “The Oncologist wants to meet with you at on the 30th”. I said “Okay”. On March 30th, we met his oncologist who explained to us that “Lung cancer is like a sponge. When a sponge is filled with water, you don’t see it until when it is completely soaked.” I responded, yes indeed. Then he continued “That’s what happened to your brother’s lungs”. Then I asked him “What do you mean? His response was “Unfortunately he does not have long to live”. I continued with “Can you be more precise, please?”. He said, “He has not more than 30 days to live”. Our mom was buried in January 2009. Indeed, I had to be as STRONG as a rock. I understood why brother asked me not to cry and to be strong…Long story short, my beloved brother Modeste died on May 29th, 2009 before his 50th, like my dad, leaving a widow and 3 teens orphans!

Dodgers Stadium VIP Lounge 2009

I still have 2 bitter regrets:

1- I believed to the last moment that he will survive

2- Because of that, I did not rent a Limo to ride with him before he died.

My sister Maman Helene told me “Lydie, if there were any possibility to corrupt GOD to keep Modeste alive, you would have done it”. We love, respect and support each of us siblings so much!

I am so grateful and thankful to my Lawyer who helped me to bring my beloved brother here is the US and allowed me to spend his last 14 months with me here in Santa Monica. He taught me many stories about our family, our dad and my childhood etc...

I am grateful and thankful to the USA, who provided my beloved brother with the painless lung’s cancer treatment preventing him from pain.

At the pool in 2009 on 4th Street

My latest interview