How Lionel Richie Empowered The Dream Of This Little Girl In Remoted Africa!

When I was a little girl, there were no Television, no electricity in my home town back then in Africa. My oldest brother Modeste, who died here in Santa Monica in 2009, back then had posters of mostly singers on the wall of his room! Honestly, I don't know where he got them. So, he had big posters of Boney M, Abba, Diana Ross, Johnny Haliday, Sylvie Vartan, Barry White, Michel Sardou, Bob Marley, James Brown, Mohammed Ali, Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta, etc. and obviously Lionel Richie!

I remember saying many times "I want to go to America to get married with Lionel Richie!!! I loved his HAIR on this picture! Then when I got in high school, I had access to this so called "Jerry curl" hair! OMG! Id did on my hair until I left Africa for Europe...It's so funny how this dream of coming to America has led me to Los Angeles...

The truth is that, there were more than one poster with #LionelRichie picture. Back then, young girls and young women were using some kind of white gel to get their hair straight. Obviously, I was not allowed, because of my young age. But I loved his long curly hair so bad...Full story is coming soon

Who did you dream to get married to when you were little girl or little boy? Post your comment below

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