Well, the most wealthy people in the world happen to be Americans. Are they smart enough? Yes. Do they work smartly harder? Yes. The truth is that there are smart people all over the world. One of unique things that the US has is its taxation system. Taxation in America favors rich people. E2 and EB5 visa are 2 US Investor visa for rich people. Coming to the USA as an E2 or EB5 Investor visa, right away, put you in the category of Investor. Investors are those who make more money and pay less taxes.

Some people may think that it will be better to come to the US as an Executive of an international company. It does not require to invest any money. The answer is Yes, you can. However, because an Executive is an employee, you will fall inside the "E" category, the category of those who pay the highest taxes in the US.

Some companies are offering E2 visa at a $100,000 USD, is that possible? The answer is NO. In the US, an accredited investor must earn minimum $200,000 for for 1 person or minimum of $300,000 USD for a couple. Therefore, there is no way, an investment of less than $200,000 USD will qualify you foreign person as an Investor.

At MyDentalWig, we offer E2 Investor Visa starting at $250,000 USD

If instead of directly investing in a US based company like MyDentalWig, I buy a house in the US, an plan to use it for home care or whatever business, does that qualify for E2 or EB5? The answer is NO. The full amount of money MUST be invested in a US based company.

Bottom line is that, coming in the US as an E2 or EB5 Investor, is the fast way for rich foreigners to tape directly into the magnificent US

taxation system. To do that, find a company:

1- That has the same experience

2- With a CEO who is really willing to help you out and committed to be with you from A to Z

3- That is transparent

4- That guarantees to deliver the 10 full time jobs required for EB5

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