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Because it’s transparent, Standalone EB5 Visa is the most preferred USCIS visa form for foreign investors.

It works on the 1 foreign investor for 1 project principle

Investing with us, you get:

       - Full access to our multi-languages USA Lawyers & CPA

Full access into the U.S with your spouse and your children under 21 years.Fulfillment of the 10 fulltime Jobs in USA Required by the USCIS.

Make sure your Money is clean!

Have ALL documents translated in English

Invest $1 million USD required

Have extra $50,000 USD to pay for filing fees, all legal, administrative fees and you are good to go.

Don’t worry about details, our certified legal team

Will guide you and do the due diligence for you.

Starting November 21, 2019, that $1 million US amount required for EB5 Investment Visa will increase to $1.8 million USD.

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