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Are you looking to get dental implant? Have you or someone you know ever have a root canal? Do you wish to live longer? If you answer yes, then you should read this book.Lydie Livolsi is a true dental manufacturer. She made ceramic/porcelain crowns, bridges, implants, inlays, onlays, partial dentures, full dentures, veneers, metal frame dentures, orthodontic appliances, mouth guards, denture repairs, and all kind of dental apparatus. What can a physician do without a drug manufacturing company? A dentist cannot do anything without the dental lab. Technician. Otherwise, Lydie Livolsi has set up and managed her own dental offices which allowed her to better understand how dental insurance companies, dental offices articulate each other. Lydie Livolsi has behind her more than 30 years of experience spread over 3 continents and the islands. Thanks to her African culture which is based on oral transmission. Lydie manages to talk about such important topics as root canal treatment, implants, Alzheimer's disease, in the form of little stories, without all the medical jargon, allowing us to feel related. Whether or not you have had root canal treatments, implants or dental extractions, reading IF TEETH LOSS AND CHEWING LOSS LEAD TO MEMORY LOSS, WHAT ABOUT ROOT CANAL? will help you better understand what exactly they are and what their consequences may be in your life. Lydie is an outstanding dental prosthetist, Lydie is an inventor. Lydie is the inventor, among other things, of the self-dental impression kit, which many companies use today, making her the undisputed leader of the dental industry.


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